03 February, 2012

Video: Danh dự cho Cộng Đồng Người Việt Tư Do - People of Australia Ambassadors

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New South Wales - People of Australia Ambassadors. Dr. Tien Manh Nguyen OAM

Dr Nguyen OAM came to Australia in 1980 as a refugee from Vietnam. He re-qualified as a doctor in 1984 and has been working as a medical practitioner in Sydney. In 1988 he founded the Council of Vietnamese Refugees Supporting Organisations in Australia to help and provide legal assistance to the refugees in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong refugee camps, for which he was awarded the Austcare Paul Cullen Award in 1997.

Dr Tien Manh Nguyen was President of the Vietnamese Community in NSW (2001-2004) and National President of the Vietnamese Community in Australia (2005-2008. He was awarded an Order of Australia Medal in 2005 for his services to refugees and the community.

* Source: http://www.amc.gov.au/ambassadors/ambassadors-2012.htm
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Victoria - People of Australia Ambassadors. Mr. Phong Nguyen

Mr Phong Thaddeus Nguyen arrived in Australia as a young refugee from Vietnam in 1979. He is former Chair of the Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria, current Federal President of the Vietnamese Community in Australia and the Australia Day Council of Victoria’s appointed Ambassador in 2007. He is an active and a passionate advocate for a fair, just, humane and multicultural Australian society. Mr Nguyen has been an advisor to the State Government in Victoria in many important areas such as health services, interfaith, multiculturalism and social policies and has been recognised with many distinguished awards for his contribution to Australian society including the Centenary Medal of Australia in 2001.

* Source: http://www.amc.gov.au/ambassadors/vic.htm

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Prime Minister Julia Gillard today congratulated 40 Australians who have been recognised for their outstanding work in building strong and cohesive local communities.

The 40 local champions have been independently selected as the new People of Australia ambassadors following hundreds of nominations from the public.

Australians were encouraged to nominate inspirational people who have helped to build bridges, promote inclusion and strengthen ties in their communities.

The Prime Minister and Parliamentary Secretary for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, Kate Lundy, announced the new ambassadors in Melbourne today.

They were joined by football champion and new ambassador Harry O'Brien, who is actively involved in the Australian Football League's own multicultural program and engaged in a variety of community projects.

The ambassador program is a key initiative of the Gillard Labor Government's multicultural policy, The People of Australia, announced last year.

The 40 ambassadors now have a new platform to promote their good work and share their ideas and initiatives that can help inspire others.

The Gillard Government recognises good work that is happening in our communities and that good work deserves to be championed at the national level.

The new ambassadors will be able to provide advice to government and the Australian Multicultural Council if they wish.

Their contributions will help assist and strengthen the government's multicultural policy.

The ambassadors have been recognised for the real impact they are having on the lives of many Australians – from bringing kids together through sport, to helping small business owners from diverse backgrounds get up and running.

The inaugural ambassador program speaks to the strength of our Australian communities and our capacity as a nation to welcome people and make them feel part of our community.

The 2012 ambassadors' term commences today and ends on 30 December 2012.

Further information on the ambassadors is available.

See State and Territory Ambassadors 2012

Australian Capital Territory
. Sam Wong AM

Northern Territory
. Ms Sascha McKell
. Mr Kevin Kadirgamar

New South Wales
. Sister Diana Santleben
. Mr Ali Reza Yunespour
. Dr Cen Amores
. Ms Ricci Bartels
. Mr Susai Benjamin JP
. Mr Jeremy Jones AM
. Ms Vivi Germanos-Koutsounadis
. Mr Lawrence Dimech OAM, JP
. Carmen Lazar
. Mrs Jenny Siv Phan Tew
. Mr Samir Yousif
. Dr Tien Manh Nguyen OAM

. Mrs Adele Rice
. Mr Daniel Zingifuaboro
. Mr Warren McMillan
. Dr Farvardin Daliri OAM
. Mr Umesh Chandra

South Australia
. Pastor Brad Chilcott
. Ms Dorinda Hafner
. Mrs Claudia Cream
. Ms Denise McEvoy
. Ms Elizabeth Ho

Mr Fayia Isaiah Lahai
Mrs Sajini Sumar

. Mr Harry O’Brien
. Ms Melissa Barbieri
. Mrs Elleni Bereded-Samuel
. Mr Deepak Vinayak
. Mrs Jennifer Barrera
. Ms Marion Lau OAM, JP
. Mr Chap Chow
. Mr Phong Nguyen
. Mr Ahmed Dini
. Mr David Nyuol Vincent

Western Australia
. Ms Maria Grazia Saraceni
. Ms Zeliha Iscel
. Mr Salim Youssef

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